CLOT Committee


Welcome to your website from the CLOT committee.
The CLOT committee is as detailed below and all members of the committee are healthcare professionals working in the field of Anticoagulation/VTE. Our roles on the committee are undertaken on a voluntary basis and we provide resources for CLOT members plus an annual subsidised national conference. The committee meet twice a year, once in Spring and at the annual conference in October. If members have any issues that they would like addressing at these meetings please contact the committee via the "contact us" tab on the website.


Betty Brough                                                                Lesley Magee                                          Huw Rowswell



             Jodie Williams                                                                                                                                 Sylvia Teece-Round                                                                                                                                                                    

 Huw Rowswell Nurse Consultant thrombosis Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust: CLOT Education/ Website Secretary & Vice  Chair, Jodie Williams Atrial Fibrillation CNS University Hospitals of North Midlands CLOT Chair & Membership Secretary, Lesley Magee Anticoagulant Nurse Specialist Conference Secretary, Betty Brough, Anticoagulant Service Lead, Pennine Acute Hospitals,  Treasurer & Secretary,  Sylvia Teece-Round  Senior Anticoagulation Specialist Nurse / Nurse Team Manager , Manchester University NHS Trust  Sponsorship Secretary