My first ISTH Experience

This is written by Sarah Keen VTE prevention specialist nurse from Oxford who was given a CLOT travel award to attend the conference. We had planned to publish in Thrombus magazine but that is not currently being produced so were keen for her to share her experience.

If I had to sum up my ISTH experience in one word it would be- INSPIRING!

I would like to thank the CLOT committee for giving me the opportunity to attend the ISTH congress in Berlin.

I started as a VTE prevention specialist nurse at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust a year ago.  

In my nursing carer I have attended regular conferences around the UK, however this is the first opportunity I have had to network with peers from other organisations and health care settings from around the world.

At the ISTH congress I attended outstanding talks and sessions on thrombosis and VTE prevention which gave me the opportunity to learn about the most up to date research and to identify new practices being implemented and the success of these at an international level. 

The experience has positively impacted upon my current practice and has helped to identify gaps in my knowledge and the areas of work for me to focus on. Examples of research areas in which I was particularly interested was patient education on cancer associated thrombosis and the psychological effects of thrombosis. I hope to utilise and implement key learning points brought back from the nursing forum relating to these topics.  I have now started to research ideas and hope to implement these throughout the Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust in the coming years.

Attending ISTH was an excellent opportunity for networking and for facilitating the sharing of practices internationally. I now have contacts for other healthcare professionals around the world and the conference has enabled me to share my experiences and practice with other professionals in the field of thrombosis and VTE prevention. I feel that the progress which we have already made in our Trust over the recent years could help other organisations. Sharing practices with other specialist nurses was a great pleasure and hearing their feedback and enthusiasm with regards to the work we have done in Oxford to improve patient safety and quality of care made every hour I spent extra at work worth it. I would like to thank the CLOT committee for their role in fostering my continuing enthusiasm and passion for this fascinating area of medicine.